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Annie’s winning recipe

March 15, 2013
By Bakers Journal

March 25, 2013, Calgary – Annie Larivière of Cococo Chocolatiers in
Calgary has been crowned the winner of our Ultimate Brownie contest,
sponsored by Callebaut,
Cinelli Esperia Corporation and Mimac Glaze Ltd. Annie used unique bittersweet, maple, and white chocolates available only from Cococo Chocolatiers. We'll post further details later. In the meantime, here is her award-winning recipe!

Brownie Almond, Maple, Cranberries

By Annie Larivière

Baker, Cococo
Chocolatiers, owners of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

The Brownie

240g bittersweet chocolate

250g unsalted butter

375g granulated sugar

4 eggs

15g vanilla (liquid)

250g all purpose flour

250g slivered almonds


Bake at 300° F

15 to 20 min. (chewy texture)


Preparation :

In a bain-marie,
melt chocolate and butter. Whip eggs with sugar in a mixer with whipping
attachment. Once the chocolate mixture is ready, pour on the batter and add
vanilla and flour. Do not over mix. Put the brownie mix in a pan (24cm/30cm)

Maple Ganache


500ml – 35% cream

500g maple syrup

50g invert sugar

100g glucose

250g white chocolate 

250g maple chocolate



Heat cream, maple
syrup, invert sugar and glucose to 85°F. Remove from the stove, cool down to
60°F and add the butter (stir). Pour over the chocolate (in robot coupe) and
mix until texture is smooth.

Part 2

Use a
straw or a rigid plastic sheet to make the ganache stick. Fill the sticks with

Almond, Cranberries, Crumble


150g almond slivers

75g maple syrup

One pinch of salt


Mix almonds and
maple syrup together and bake it for approx. 15 minutes at 350° F, (until
golden brown and let it cool down)

Ingredients :

50g dehydrated

In a robot-coupe mix
the almond and cranberries to make a crumble


Ingredients :

90g egg whites

63g granulated sugar

Preparation :

Mix egg whites with
half of sugar in a mixing bowl with the whipping attachment. When the peaks are
soft, add the other half and beat until hard peaks.



Use a knife or a
little spatula and lightly cover the bottom and side of the brownie, dip into
the crumble mixture.


Part 2

Add the meringue on
the top. With chalumeau, cook the top to a light brown color!

Decorate as you


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