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Amotek unveils latest eco-friendly plastic packaging device

November 21, 2019
By Bakers Journal

The AMOTEK R168 was introduced at a live demonstration at Amotek's booth during the K 2019 Show this October. The improved compact design is suitable for processing compostable and recycled materials.

Projects for freezer bags, table covers, disposable gloves and small paper hygiene packaging and other products were discussed at the K 2019 show in October, along with the unveiling of its latest machine.

As environmental concerns and laws are changing, bakeries and caterers are paying attention to the use of single-use plastics and packaging. Energy and material savings are demanded for sustainable packaging, and Amotek answered the ecological demands by presenting the Amotek R168.

Amotek is able to use of recycled and compostable materials to currently adopting the use of bio-plastic materials. The company presented a live, Mater-Bi Packaging demonstration with garbage rolls. 

The company has also designed the Amotek R168 to be even more compact, as well as able to produce secure and tight packages. Other new features include smart control of the machine, which can be done via external devices such as tablets or smart phones.  It also features an easier customer care interaction.


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