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A look back: 10 memorable articles from 2021

January 13, 2022
By Bakers Journal

“Best Kind,” is Newfoundland slang for “the tops,” as in “how are you feeling?” “Best kind, never better.” Photo credit: Best Kind Bakeshop.

Where did 2021 go? It was a year of uncertainty, setbacks, creativity and success. Here we look back on some of our best features from this year of fluctuation:

Insights to baking edibles

In January, the BAC Ontario Chapter partnered with Loyalist College Applied Research to bring baking professionals a webinar primer about baking with cannabis called “Cannabis Edibles for Bakers: Insights Into Baking Quality Edibles.” Co-hosts Barb Allen from ARC and Chef Scott Royce talked about the challenges bakers and confectioners might meet when baking or making sweets with cannabinoids.

Gluten-free baking


A frank conversation with Tara Black, a Red Seal pastry chef who co-owns Origin Bakery, a gluten-free establishment, in Victoria with Marion Scott, uncovers the challenges of baking without gluten.

Best Kind Bakehouse

This year’s winner of the Inspirational Bakery Contest, Best Kind Bakehouse of Vancouver, B.C., turned a passion product born of pandemic restriction into a professional, innovative all-virtual bakery.

Five decades of tradition

Italian baking culture is going strong after 50 years. Karen Barr talks with bakeries that have stood the test of time.

Bakers Journal Virtual Innovation Day

Bakers Innovation Day was all about gaining momentum and working toward the future of baking! This online event featured Justine Martin, multiple award-winning cake sculptor, as our keynote speaker and brought industry movers and shakers to discuss how the pandemic has changed the way you do business and will help you spot opportunities in future.

Organically speaking

Annual retail sales of certified organic products in Canada are approximately $6.38 billion and have increased by almost $3 billion since 2012. Karen Barr talks with three B.C. bakeries and how they are innovating with organic products to serve health-conscious customers.

Inclusive kitchens

Some of Canada’s best-known BIPOC food experts talk about how they experienced the effects of racism and give advice on how to break down barriers and biases to create change and encourage inclusivity in the industry.

Cross-country fare

Bakers Journal takes a tour of some of Canada’s best bakeries from east to west. Find out what’s common and what’s different among a diverse sampling of Canadian bakeries.

Upcycled ingredients: What’s old is new again

Final Proof columnist Jane Dummer explores how upcycled ingredients such as Okara flour and spent grains support a circular economy.

A taste for giving

In a feel-good story to end another bumpy year, Chef Rodney Alleguede describes how he and other bakers are fighting hunger through a cookie-swap charity that donates to food banks.

2022 promises to be full of change and with that change, opportunity. Bakers Journal will keep bringing you the latest news and developments that impact your livelihood and profiles of interesting movers, shakers and bakers you’ll be inspired by and relate to. Watch for:

  • Bakery Showcase April 10-11!
  • Timely updates on the Baking Association of Canada’s work on your behalf!
  • Focus on women in baking!
  • Relevant and entertaining On the Rise podcasts!
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