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A Caldic celebration

October 9, 2015
By Laura Aiken

Steve Owen, vice-president at Caldic Canada, welcomes the group at the company's recent open house. Caldic Canada

Mississauga, ON – On September 24, Caldic celebrated its 45th birthday and its newly renovated facilities with a gathering of valued customers and principal suppliers. The ingredient distributor hosted the event at its Mississauga, Ont., office.

“The doors officially opened at 4:00 p.m.; however, we already had several enthusiastic guests waiting for our event to begin. This was definitely a positive indication of an exciting evening ahead! There was a continuous buzz throughout the night, as our guests enjoyed delicious nibbles, refreshments and relaxed conversation in our ultramodern Caldic Café. We also conducted tours of our beautiful new office space and manufacturing facilities while our R&D group showed off their culinary innovation with delicious and on-trend treats utilizing our principal’s ingredients. We would like to thank our dedicated and loyal customers and principals for attending our event and hope they enjoyed their evening as much as we did!” said Kathleen Koe, marketing manager for Caldic Canada.    

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