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3-Zone kneading process

May 13, 2016
By Doug Picklyk

WP Kemper Kronos spiral mixer WP Bakery Group USA

The WP Kemper Kronos spiral mixer is a new design and a lower-cost version of the company’s President spiral mixer. The Kronos can handle gluten development for a variety of doughs because of its three-zone kneading process.

The fixed rotating speed of the mixer’s bowl allows for reproducible mixing results, and a variety of mixing tools are available including:  a spiral, universal mixing tool; pretzel/bagel-spiral; rye-tool;
whole grain-tool; confectioner-tool; blending-tool; and whisk.

The new Kronos spiral mixer is compatible with existing President and Titan bowls, and the mixer offers easy cleaning due to its high ground clearance (135 mm) and smooth inclined surfaces and a bowl scraper to clean the bowl during production.

The machine uses the INUS operating interface, the same 
unit for most WP 
Kemper machines. It uses a master-slave function allowing the 
control/recipe management and 
recipe transmission to different mixers 
through one control panel.


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