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AB Mauri Fleischmann's raising prices
October 31, 2011, Chesterfield, MO - AB Mauri Fleischmann’s will increase prices on fresh yeast, dry yeast and mold inhibitors effective Jan. 1, 2012, or as contracts expire.

Mühlenchemie hands out finest flour sack award
October 31, 2011, Hamburg, Germany - The fourth Mühlenchemie international milling symposium celebrated the fine art of the flour sack, handing out the first award for sack design.

Small wonders make big impact on consumers
October 29, 2011, New York - Small sweets have swamped the market, but why do consumers find these tiny treats so enchanting? | READ MORE

Instructional sugar art webinars
October 28, 2011, Canada - The Cake Fu Masters Series features bi-weekly online training sessions, hosted by the best sugar artists in the industry.

Sodium reduction boldly goes lower and lower
October 27, 2011, St. Francis, WI - Food manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce sodium, but surveys suggest many shoppers are not that bothered. Where does this leave firms plugging sodium reduction solutions? | READ MORE

Dairy-Deli-Bake 2012 headed for New Orleans
October 26, 2011, Madison, WI - The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association (IDDBA) 48th annual seminar and expo will be held in New Orleans.

Grocery Innovations Canada's top 10 innovative products
October 25, 2011, Toronto - The Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) has announced its Top 10 Innovative Products for 2012.

Study explores consumer behaviour around nutrition labels
October 25, 2011, United States - A new study reveals that people say they look at the Nutrition Facts label on food products a lot more than they actually do. | READ MORE

Wheat board bill clears second vote
October 25, 2011, Ottawa - Legislation to make farmers' sales to the Canadian Wheat Board voluntary has cleared another hurdle in the House of Commons, with MPs voting to send it to the next stage on its path through Parliament. | READ MORE

Terra Cacao nominated for confectionery innovation award
October 24, 2011, Wieze, Belgium - Barry Callebaut's Terra Cacao line has been nominated for a Fi Excellence Award in the confectionery innovation category.

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